Pumpkin Sackhead

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Happy Halloween, wait a minute it’s Christmas... if you’re looking for a creepy gift this festive season ive got you covered. Introducing Pumpkin Sackhead a new sculpt for the last month of the year. Standing just over 4 inches tall cast in resin and painted using acrylic paints and airbrushed details. I have 4 Pumpkin Sackheads ready to ship each will come in a headercarded bag and signed on the base.

If you’d like to add this release to your collection he will be available at 9.00pm London time on Wednesday 5th December in the umestore.

Please note that if you are buying multiple items, add to cart and I will get the exact combined shipping costs and refund the difference via paypal.

As this is a hand made collectable please allow up to 28 days for us to make him for you (we aim to ship within a week of receiving you order)