Bagley Sackford

Image of Bagley Sackford
Coming soon

After months of scribbling and development I’m proud to introduce the latest member of the UMEtoys family, the one and only Bagley Sackford.

Each handmade Bagley stands around 4.5 inches balancing on his fragging knuckles. All are painted using a mix of acrylic and airbrush and will each ship in a header carded bag with a Sackford sticker or two.

The preorder for Bagley will be at 9.00pm London time on Friday 25th January in the umestore.

If you would like to see the development of this character head on over to Instagram and search for #bagleysackford

Please note that if you are buying multiple items, add to cart and I will get the exact combined shipping costs and refund the difference via paypal.

As this is a hand made collectable please allow up to 28 days for us to make him for you (we aim to ship within a week of receiving you order)